• D.P. Stephens

Presenting Qualitative Research Findings in Meaningful Ways

Seminar from PSY 5930: Qualitative Methods in Psychology

From the structure of a dissertation to the preparation of infographics for research partners, qualitative data can, and should, be presented in a number of interesting and attractive ways. This lecture offer insights into how to present qualitative data with a focus on its utility, and translational application in "real world contexts"

A number of approaches for presenting qualitative data are discussed. A flow diagram or mind map showing how the interview has evolved, and with a series of quotations or observations rather than a whole transcript of the interview can center a reader within a study. Similarly, personal observations can be mind-mapped, overlaying a true map or an interpretive representation of the space in question. A word cloud out of adjectives can be a useful graphical way of seeing where a consensus of opinion may lie. And preparing an engaging powerpoint can mean integrating visually eye catching world clouds, audio recording, and pictures of the research context.

This lecture was recorded for graduate students in PSY 5930: Qualitative Methods in Psychology at FIU during the Spring 2020 semester in response to the Covid 19 epidemic. You can also view a version of this video on Youtube.

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