All About Me

As an academic and researcher, I have the opportunity to explore topics that affect the many communities I am a part of and am connected to. My positionality in this space as a woman of color gives me insights into the ways critical bodies of knowledge remain inaccessible to those who is is about and most benefits. So I feel a personal obligation to help create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge between ivory tower and broader cultural contexts. This is why I created Intersections as a space to merge my personal passions with my professional training.

While I primarily have focused my research on the sexual health experiences of Latinx and Black women, I work in India investigating intimate partner violence, sexual literacy, and gender identity. I have also partnered
with individuals and organization in a range of settings, including Girl Power Inc.Lotus House Women's Shelter, New York State's Albion Women's Prison, Public Health Research Institute of India, and Cyber Civil Right Initiative.  Along with my peer-reviewed research publication, my work has appeared in various mainstream media outlets (see below).  |  Miami, FL  USA

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