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Fuerza, Orgullo y Amor: Moving beyond Machismo in Sexual Health Research

Expanding our understandings of Latino Masculinity in Sexual Health Research Processes

Westernized Latino masculinity scripts- namely the concept of machismo- asserts that the sexual control or coercion of women may be interpreted as a fairly normal and expected part of Latino college males’ heterosexual relationships. However, this singular focus on sterotypic and culturally specific hypermasculinity characteristics fails to accurately capture the diversity of masculinity values and behaviors across diverse groups of Latinos. Further, it ignores important cultural values that are oppositional to the deficit machismo lens- particularly callaberismo.

This talk focused on stereotypes of Latino masculinity and its influence sexual health research processes. I discussed research exploring college Latinos' varied sexual health experiences and their application to cultural frameworks of masculinity . This talk was originally given during the Hermano of La Unidad Latina Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Hispanic Heritage Month Speakers series. You can also watch this video on Youtube.

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