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Owning your Digital Identity & Assets

Research2Share: Taking stock of your social media identity and strengths as an Underrepresented Ethnic Minority Faculty Member

More than simply “grand standing” or “tooting your own horn”, self-promotion involves taking responsibility to talk about your skills and expertise. This presentation will focus on shifting our characterizations of self-promotion toward more comprehensive definition. I presented this webinar as part of the Research2Share series.

Research2Share program focused on increasing the visibility and translational health disparities research skills of underrepresented and ethnic minority (UREM) faculty members via digital media. Research2Share program provides a year-long, easily accessible, and highly interactive training series that focuses on disseminating research in meaningful ways and for public audiences.

The goal is to not only increase faculty visibility and prominence, but also increases public awareness of, interaction with, and incorporation of research findings that address their physical and psychological well-being. You can also view this video directly on Youtube.

Viewing Research2Share webinars are free. You simply need to register when prompted. This program is funded by the American Psychological Association Office of Ethnic Minority Affair's Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training in Psychology II (CEMRRAT2) Task Force.


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